Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Power Behind I Love You

Three simple words can have a powerful impact on another human being. Simply saying I love you can bring tears to the eyes and warmth to the soul. Something so simple, yet powerful is long becoming a lost art.
Think about it for a moment. Couples, parents, friends and family say it all the time but where is the meaning behind it? We've taken these three simple words and turned them into an automatic statement that lacks the emotion they should carry. When we tell our children that we love them certainly we mean it, but the words become so automatic that they come out of our mouths lacking the emotion needed to fully deliver our words. It's like taking a handful of rose petals and tossing them into the air and watching them fall one by one onto the ground only to be swept away by the breeze.
The love we feel for each other should be expressed with sincerity. A genuine gesture that comes from our very essence. A feeling that should stay with you long after the words have passed your lips and drifted away with the wind.
I've been practicing telling people at random that I love them when I feel that emotion stir in me. Most of the time it is received with a warm smile and I can tell they have felt my sincerity in their heart. On occasion I get the look of confusion, even shock. I'm not sure why these three words are difficult to say for some people, and even more difficult to hear for others. It saddens me to think that saying "I love you" is becoming a lost art and is practiced so infrequently.
I have learned that love is the single most important emotion that one can embrace. Love heals all wounds and overcomes all obstacles. If we replaced hurt, anger, fear, sadness, jealousy, envy and rage with love the world would certainly be able to heal itself and we would be paving the way for future generations to live in a world that is full of magic and wonder.
We should all practice telling people that we love them and put the emotion back into it that it needs to create a positive impact on everyone around us. I think the results would be amazing.

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