Wednesday, February 23, 2011

To Heal Or Not To Heal....

Recently I came to the startling realization that not everyone who says they want to be helped actually wants to be helped. For quite a while now I've been pining over a client who has some serious mental issues that are manifesting into physical issues. Despite my efforts to offer a solution, which I know in my heart would ease the trauma and open up a path to true healing, my efforts have been in vain. For what ever reason I think that some people become so comfortable in their roles as victim the very thought of healing brings a flood of new and scary emotions. For example, if someone was afflicted with a debilitating disease and a doctor came to them and offered a 100% guaranteed fix for the illness, you would think that person would jump on the opportunity to be well again. This apparently is not the case, and as I've discovered is so much more complex than I have ever imagined it would be. To those of us that don't suffer from illness, injury or mental health issues it can be very confusing and near impossible for us to understand why anyone would hold onto the pain. Why on earth would someone NOT want to be well, healed and happy? I know that I certainly would not want to live a life of suffering, misery and reliance on others.

I think the answer lies in the frightening reality that if a person were to be totally well and healed they would then be forced to become productive members of society. They would no longer be able to blame their issues on any other source except themselves. They would have to function in a manner that society deems "normal". They would be forced into self-responsibility. I am certainly not a doctor but I do have a pretty good inclination through the assistance of the Universe and Spirit how to help others move forward toward the path to healing.

 I believe that sometimes we humans become so used to our afflictions that the very thought of living without them is simply terrifying. As a healer and intuitive this realization of knowing hit me like a two by four and I was completely blind-sided. I have invested so much time and energy into being able to help and heal others that the thought of having a client that refuses my help for fear of having to let go of their crutches just baffles me.... but apparently this was a message from the Universe for me to learn and a very important one. I can offer a helping hand but I cannot force anyone to accept it. Only those who truly want to help themselves can be assisted by others. 

Thank you Universe for once again bringing clarity to my life and helping me be the best that I can be.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dear Mercury Retrograde You Are Fired!

Dear Mercury Retrograde,

I hear by wish to inform you that your effects on this company have been less than desirable and therefor we are going to have to terminate you. You will not be getting 2 weeks notice, severance pay or a benefits package. Please make sure your desk is cleared out by the end of the business day today.We are sorry to have to do this during the holidays but you are ruining the lives of everyone around you because you're a big fat jerk. Lets face it, it's no secret that nobody likes you or wants you here in the first place.You will find a box under your seat for all of your belongings. Please make sure you take all of them with you, including all of the gifts you have given out this year of anxiety, miscommunication, false hope, confusion, anger and despair, among other things.
Make sure you leave your keys and badge with the desk man and leave quietly. We don't want a scene and would prefer not to have to escort you off the property. It would only draw attention from the rest of the staff and make you look like a bigger ass than you already are.

The Human Race

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Power Behind I Love You

Three simple words can have a powerful impact on another human being. Simply saying I love you can bring tears to the eyes and warmth to the soul. Something so simple, yet powerful is long becoming a lost art.
Think about it for a moment. Couples, parents, friends and family say it all the time but where is the meaning behind it? We've taken these three simple words and turned them into an automatic statement that lacks the emotion they should carry. When we tell our children that we love them certainly we mean it, but the words become so automatic that they come out of our mouths lacking the emotion needed to fully deliver our words. It's like taking a handful of rose petals and tossing them into the air and watching them fall one by one onto the ground only to be swept away by the breeze.
The love we feel for each other should be expressed with sincerity. A genuine gesture that comes from our very essence. A feeling that should stay with you long after the words have passed your lips and drifted away with the wind.
I've been practicing telling people at random that I love them when I feel that emotion stir in me. Most of the time it is received with a warm smile and I can tell they have felt my sincerity in their heart. On occasion I get the look of confusion, even shock. I'm not sure why these three words are difficult to say for some people, and even more difficult to hear for others. It saddens me to think that saying "I love you" is becoming a lost art and is practiced so infrequently.
I have learned that love is the single most important emotion that one can embrace. Love heals all wounds and overcomes all obstacles. If we replaced hurt, anger, fear, sadness, jealousy, envy and rage with love the world would certainly be able to heal itself and we would be paving the way for future generations to live in a world that is full of magic and wonder.
We should all practice telling people that we love them and put the emotion back into it that it needs to create a positive impact on everyone around us. I think the results would be amazing.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Universe Harbors No Secrets

As I went into meditation last night, I had the idea that I would be open to the secrets the Universe holds and that somehow I would be privy to this information if I tried really hard to access it. I was under the impression that if someone was disciplined enough they could somehow tap into this vast collective of knowledge and information. What I did not realize until half way through meditation was that the Universe harbors no secrets. Those words met my ears with surprise. I took a deep breath in and as I exhaled everything around me opened up. Do you mean to tell me that there is no secret pass code to tapping into the secrets of the Universe? I don't have to stand on my head while chanting strange tones after fasting on nothing but carrot juice for a week? Just then it hit me like a jolt of knowing. Everything around us is energy. We are energy. Thought forms and emotions are energy. This was information I already knew but apparently either chose to ignore or forgot somehow along the way. The Universe is made up of all of this energy and it flows freely everywhere all the time. There are no hidden chambers, no secret boxes and no locked doors to peer behind. We all have the ability to explore and know everything the Universe holds. All we have to do is open our hearts and the knowledge will flow in and around and is always with us.

This seems amazingly simple and way too easy but if you think about it, psychics and mediums have been able to easily tap into this knowledge. Look at what happens when you get a tarot reading for example. Whether it be in person or at a distance, your reader is able to access information from the Universe about your life and situations in the past, present and future. We are all connected with each other and everything in the universe as a collective energy, or a collective consciousness. It's not magic and it's not just accessible to a gifted few. The knowledge and information around us is available to anyone at anytime. All one has to do is open their heart and let the information flow within. There is just one question remaining. How much do you really want to know?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Knock Knock.... Anybody Home?

My path to spirituality is dotted with many pot holes, speed bumps and naps along the way. I was raised by a Lutheran mother and a non-practicing Roman Catholic father. My mom, sisters and I went to church on Sunday's, we were in Sunday school and I was in the choir. I loved nothing more than choir practice and singing at Sunday services. I tried really hard to get into my Sunday school teachings but to be honest it never really made much sense to me. I can remember having to memorize the books of the bible as one of our lessons. We would be tested on this subject, and rewarded with a star or a cookie if we could memorize them all. Unfortunately I could never get past the book of Joshua despite my rigorous studies. I can remember the other kids in class making fun of me because I simply could not memorize the names in order like all of them could. I seriously thought there was something wrong with me. This, coupled with my mom's favorite saying being  "God will get you". It's still her favorite saying to this very day. I felt as if God was some sort of boogieman hiding under my bed or in my closet just waiting for me to screw up so he could come out and "get me." These are bone chilling thoughts when you're a child and really have no idea who this God person is, or how to actually create a relationship with him like you're told you should. I also never understood who this trio of holy folks were that our pastor would speak so highly of during service. "The Father"? ok I got that one, it's GOD... easy. "The Son"? Wait, that's aka for Jesus right? But then there's that last one, the "Holy Ghost". WHAT? There's GHOSTS in church? That simply can't be right! My 7 year old brain was now convinced that God was the boogieman and ghosts attended church with us and that it was okay with this Jesus fella, who apparently used to be a regular guy, right up until they nailed him up on that wooden cross for crimes that escaped my mind. (We won't even get into how Mary fits into the picture) So now I'm afraid that these holy ghosts are going to follow me home and tell the boogieman where to find me. I'm completely terrified by this point. I still went to choir practice on Wednesdays, Sunday School and service on Sundays and occasionally would volunteer to be in a church play or some other extra churchy activity. I remember thinking that if I kept doing everything they told us to do as God-loving children, and maybe went a little beyond, that I would magically figure out what the heck everyone was talking about and what exactly was so amazing about having a relationship with this God person. I was also troubled by things that I could not explain, such as hearing voices, seeing things nobody else could see, and knowing stuff that I could not explain how I knew. I was convinced that if I had an actual relationship with God, like they have all been talking about, none of this would be happening. I felt as though I was damaged merchandise.
I attended this church right up until I entered the 7th grade, at which time we moved to another town. We never went to a regular church as a family after our move. I occasionally would go to service with friends, but each time I attended a new church I ended up having the same questions... God? Jesus? And Ghosts... and what was worse,  my friends would ask me if I accepted Jesus as my lord and savior. Talk about completely confused now, because I thought that GOD was our savior. Oh man, someone changed the rules on me.
I basically abandoned all hopes of a God-filled life, only occasionally attending a service or mass with friends and always leaving feeling more lost than before.

 It wasn't until my mid 20's that I had a sort of spiritual awakening. I had a very profound dream about God, the Universe and creation. The next Sunday I went to the nearest church I could find. I was just sure that God was talking to me. Imagine my disappointment when I didn't find God at the church, at least not at the same time the service was going on. I decided to go to the library and see if I could find some books on various religions. I thought that maybe I could find God at another church or in another faith. Perhaps I just hadn't looked in the right place yet. I ended up reading every single book I could get my hands on in regards to religion. Eastern religion, Western religion, made-up religion, etc. and after a long search settled somewhere in the realm of Earth religion and Paganism. It seemed to be logical to me that God was in everything around us and that all I had to do was look out the window to find the magic and mystery that I'd been searching for all along. I started looking at life in a whole new way. I found wonder and magic in everything around me. I really felt as though my relationship with God through nature was starting to unfold and I was excited.

My research and worship of nature continued for many years. I read everything I could get my hands on. I researched like a mad scientist, sucking in all of the knowledge and storing it away for a rainy day. I continued on my path until my mid 30's when life went spiraling out of control. I went through a pretty nasty divorce and what I like to call a pre mid-life crisis. I grabbed my kids and we retreated. In doing so I kind of put my search for and my relationship with God on hold as I felt it wasn't really important to put my energy into my spirituality at that time. Life went on and for the most part things just kind of fell into routine for us, not paying any attention to our lack of spirituality. I was even able to suppress my intuition, albeit not intentionally.

About a year ago something happened. It was as if God, the Universe was tapping on my head saying WAKE UP! Anybody home? Knock knock, your vacation is over. With that the strange occurrences I had experienced as a child came back a hundred-fold. I started hearing voices, as if I'd stepped into a radio shop and every single radio was on at the same time, set to different channels at different volumes. The images and mini-movies would flood my mind with each person I'd come in contact with. It's almost like watching home movie clips of their lives in my head. I started having dreams of the most profound nature. I started traveling in my sleep and when I would wake up in the morning I felt as though I had never gone to sleep at all. I felt as though someone ripped off my safe little door to the Universe and tossed it away. There was no way for me to close it so I started researching again. This time I would rely on instinct while at the book store or library. If there was a subject I was supposed to research the books would be almost illuminated on the shelves. The subjects weren't like anything I'd really been interested in before. The subjects were a lot about healing, energy work, the cosmos, angels, spirit guides and even ghosts. I even found myself doing a bit of research on quantum mechanics. I was definitely past the point of no return. There was no going back to my "head under the blankets" life. The Universe and yes God spoke loud and clear to me. They told me that I have a clear and concise task. I must help others find their own path and their own way to Spirit through healing and love because love is the only way to raise our vibrations high enough to heal the damage we have done as humans, to ourselves and our planet. 

I'm so glad I was home to answer the door when they knocked!