Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Unknown Teacher -- Anchors of Light

I am on the email list of the 11:11 progress group and sometimes I get emails from this list that are so close to what I, and others that I know are going through it's kind of spooky. Sometimes the emails that come through this list are just kind of weird and I read through them and file them appropriately. Tonight I received one of those close to home emails and I thought I'd share it will all of you.

Unknown Teacher: “Things are very rapidly changing on your world -- some things according to plan, others have to be revised and recalculated.  Each one of you on the 11:11 list is known to us, and we ask each of you to pay close attention to the inner life and the inner voice as you will be guided through the many changes that are now taking place, and which are about to occur in the near future as the Correcting Time mandates are executed.  Turn off the TV and the radio -- sanctify yourself and remove from your life the media drama of violence, hatred, malice, greed, revenge, and all other forms of fear and negativism that the public at large ingests on a daily basis that keeps them in bondage to the worldly powers.
“You are to be the anchors of light and a voice of hope in this world as these many changes come upon you.  Be not afraid when you hear of calamitous events, and realize that the dawn of Light and Life approaches, which will bring true freedom to all humanity as the chains of bondage are disassembled.  Many will be looking to you for answers as they find no solace in the assurances of politicians and governments.  The old models of political brainwashing will no longer work on the ‘ignorant masses’, for human consciousness is undergoing great changes in awareness for which many will stand at the bottom and look up to those of higher vibration and light for direction.
“When the tactics of the elites and the old paradigms of control no longer fool the masses, their methods will become more desperate, and their crimes will be more horrendous.  Stay grounded my friends, and listen for direction from on high, for we are with you and around you at all times ready to serve those who align themselves with the forces of light and those who do the Will of our Paradise Father.
“It is time to close the door of your room and sit in the presence of your Indwelling Spirit.  Ask for guidance and direction -- ask for clarity in the decisions you are about to make.  Seek the refuge of lasting things that are ‘real’ and let go of the ego wants of self gratification.  Love, faith, and relationships are real.  Fear, darkness, and materialism are unreal -- choose wisely, live in peace, hope, and in the blessed assurances of sonship with God, for you are the children of the Most High.
“My peace I leave with you.”

While the true nature of where these email messages originate is unknown, it is said that  they are being sent to us from our celestial  guardians. I don't know how much I really believe that but I enjoy the list anyway. You can subscribe yourself if you wish by visiting this link.

11:11 Progress List

You can also find out more information on the 11:11 occurrence by visiting


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