Monday, October 11, 2010

The Importance Of Journaling Our Dreams And Our Thoughts

We’re all familiar with journaling. Most of us have gone through a “dear diary” phase, or know someone who has. Some of us still keep track of our thoughts and daily lives through journaling now.
The reason that I’m talking about journaling and how important it is for us to do is because it is a way to really get to know oneself and develop a deeper relationship with Spirit.

When we journal we often find our consciousness opening up and giving way to creative energy and the words just flow from our pen onto the paper. Since our hands are attached to our hearts, and our hearts are attached to our Higher Self, it makes sense that when we write; it often comes from a place of higher consciousness.
Not only does writing open us up to creativity it helps us work out some of the issues we face in our day to day lives as Spirits trapped in our earthly bodies. Sometimes, when we write our daily events down and go back later and look at them we’ll find ourselves saying “WOW” is that really how I felt at that moment? Or you look back and say to yourself that you didn’t realize you were so well versed in the written word. Very often our “problems” magically work themselves out once we’ve written them down because it gives our analytical minds something solid to chew on instead of just mulling it around in our heads with no solidity. Other times when we write down our feelings we are presented clear solutions of a way to fix our preverbal problems right then and there.
Our higher self speaks to us in many different ways. Many times our lives are so busy that we don’t even realize we are being spoken to. Have you ever had a thought or idea that just “came out of the blue?” or that little “voice” in the back of your head that’s saying something like “no, I wouldn’t go that way it could be a bad idea?” These are often very clear messages that we are receiving and we almost always dismiss them as “talking to ourselves”.
When we write down these little blurbs of information we create a record of the information we are receiving. Often, these little blurbs make no sense at the moment but when you go back later and read what you have written in becomes crystal clear. Writing it down also prevents you from forgetting what the message or information was. This is true in both our waking state and our dream state of consciousness.  When we dream and first awaken we can usually recall our dreams, but as the day goes on and we busy ourselves with the hustle and bustle of daily life it quickly fades. This happens all the time to people all over the world. To help recall the thought, dream, or idea writing it down is very important so that you can always go back to the information later.
Some of us aren’t used to journaling, but the more you do it, the easier it becomes. You’ll soon be amazed at the clarity of your thoughts, ideas and dreams. You’ll also become more aware of the differences between “mind chatter” and Higher Self and you’ll be able to discern between the two.

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