Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Three Readings Later

So here I am sitting, just having finished typing out and sending off my third email reading. My readings were sort of a test of my abilities to connect as I said before. I've gotten feedback from the first two clients, both very positive and it looks like I've been accurate. This is good to know considering these people are kind enough to be paying me for my insight. (wow really? I can get paid too??)

I noticed that often times the information come in a little bit fragmented. I'll read my clients information, name, date of birth and what ever short question they have typed out to me. Immediately I get hit with what I like to call INFO BULLETS. The information comes in fast and hard just like a bullet would. I have to scramble to try to write it all down just in case I can't remember it later. This bombardment of initial information only lasts 20 seconds at the most then stops as quick as it started. I'll then get up and go about my business keeping the person and situation in my mind throughout the days evens in an effort to get more information or messages from my guides and angels depending on what they want me to know. I like to give myself a couple of days before I send off the reading. This allows me to gather the information and see how consistent the messages are. My first reading I feel like I really blew it. I was getting hit with a single word over and over and over in my head and I never "spit it out" and I should have. I tried to rationalize reasons to keep the information to myself. Apparently when the Universe OFFERS information to me about someone else it is because I am supposed to pass along that information. I really thought about this one singular mistake and decided that if the Universe doesn't want me to blab my mouth off to my client about a certain subject, they simply will not share that information with me... period.
So while many intuitives have a hard time with the "logic filter". I just have a hard time sharing ALL the information that I am given. I promised myself after that first reading that I will share it all, just blurt it out and let my client figure out where all the pieces fit.
In conclusion I have to say I sincerely enjoy this type of work. I've always done it, but this is the first time someones ever offered to pay me for it. I'm not getting rich by any stretch of the imagination but it's nice to be able to afford cat food or paper towels once in a while. The best part is when someone says thank you and that the information helped them. I really LOVE that part!.

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