Thursday, October 14, 2010

Teaching Credentials Please!!

The saddest thing that too many of my clients have in common are the bad experiences they've had with spiritual advisers. This left me pondering several scenarios as to exactly why there was so much misinformation going out to these poor people when they have given all of their trust and all of their faith to these advisers. Part of it, I believe, cannot be fully blamed on the adviser. While they mean well they simply aren't qualified to be counseling others but the advisers fail to recognize that because they are simply seeing through their ego selves. Maybe they've read some books or taken a few courses on spiritual counseling, intuitive mediumship or energy healing. What they don't realize is that even though you can go through the motions step by step, it almost never makes you a qualified adviser. It takes time, practice and a lot of effort to be an adept light worker. Even if you were born with the gift of sight or healing it in no way means that you automatically know how to use it to the benefit of others.
The second scenario is money. Money motivates even the most honest of people to do things that they wouldn't normally do. Some people look at those who seek spiritual advice as walking suckers! I mean think about it, to most folks the spirit world isn't something most of us get to see first hand. We rely on our mediums and intuits to guide us and pass along messages from our dearly departed, spirit guides and angels. We trust that our spiritual counselor is honest in everything that he or she tells us. Often we take it to the very heart of our souls. We have no choice but to trust since we have not found the ability to reach the beyond for ourselves. Wide open swings the door to a whole new breed of con-man (or woman)!! I had one client pay a fortune to some "psychic" for phone readings and "angel messages". Her adviser was such a fraud that with every message there was a convenient link to a product, that if purchased, would help her get closer in vibration to the angel who supposedly sent the message. This sounds like a whole lot of snake oil to me. These types of scam artists masquerading as mediums and psychics can do a lot of psychological damage. The damage is often hard to reverse.

When I decided to offer my service as an intuitive medium online, I did it with great trepidation. I wasn't actually sure how it would work out since my client and I would not be sitting in the same space and I wasn't sure if I would be able to connect with them. It took a lot of meditation, soul searching and spiritual counseling of my own, with my personal guides and angels to finally be confident with myself enough to take that first step! Thankfully I found that it was quite easy to connect to an Internet clients situation and receive the messages that were meant for them. By no means did I wake up one day and say "Hey I got a deck of tarot cards and I'm low on cash, lets see if I can throw something together and make some money". No, it's never that easy!  The only result would be a lot of bad reviews and more misinformation being passed along, no matter how well intentioned I was. In fact, although I used to read tarot cards for others many years ago I never did it for financial gain. I did it because I knew that my ability to be the messenger for the spirit realm and pass on information to others was more important than any job I would ever have. It took me many years to get to the here and now. I did a lot of cleaning up of "my own backyard" to be in a place of peace and perfect love and to make sure I was never ruled by my ego again. I am now happily willing and able to be of service to others.

I guess all in all I am just concerned about what I am seeing and the damage that can result from even the most well intentioned people when they lead with their ego, instead of their heart. I wonder if they even know they are leading with their ego? So now I ask you, what are your teaching credentials? Are you really qualified to be doing this type of work? I rode a motorcycle once but that certainly doesn't qualify me to teach you how to do it.

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  1. Wow, your blog is super interesting - I will come back here definitely with more time and read your posts. I used to be "into" psychic stuff, but stopped doing any of that many years ago. Lately I've felt a calling of some sort to get into it again - if I have some ability, I might as well put it in use and see the full benefits of it. But for the time being I haven't got myself together enough to embrace it yet... I'm hoping reading your blog and connecting with you in this way will inspire me in the right direction, whatever that may be for me in this regard. Take care :)