Monday, October 11, 2010

Is This Thing On??

Recently I decided to put my intuitive connection to the Divine to the test by offering 1 question readings for a very small fee on the internet. I was naturally nervous when I decided to do this, and in a small (ok big) way was hoping that my listing would go unnoticed and I would never have to actually test it out. I did this for a few reasons: training........ yep I need more practice connecting to my guides and angels and accessing the information the Universe has for me. I was also wondering if time and space was an issue in regards to connecting to someone. It's easy for me to sit face to face with someone and have images and messages flood my mind about them. They are 99% accurate when we are in an "in-person" situation. I wondered however, about my accuracy with someone hundreds or thousands of miles away... could we still connect??
Imagine my surprise when I had my first internet client. Her question was pretty general but I was able to connect to her and her situation just as if she was sitting in front of me. The moment I read her question via email, images and words once again flooded my mind. I quickly jotted what I saw onto a piece of scratch paper so that later, when I had an opportunity to sit and actually type out her reading I would remember those first initial images and feelings.
When I finally did sit quietly in front of my computer to put into words my intuitive messages for her another wave of information flooded my mind and as I typed out her reading the words flowed onto the screen and I felt as though I was watching a small movie in my head. I typed out the words, did a spell check and hit SEND. As the email zoomed away into cyberspace I let out a big breath and felt love coming from the Universe. I felt like I was accurate.......... and yet my fear crept in and I asked myself "Is this thing on?" in regards to my intuition. I wondered, as sometimes intuitives do, if the scenario I had just typed out to my client was just made up in my head. All I could do was sit and wait.
A few hours later I got an email from my client and I was so pleased to know that neither time, nor space is a factor when it comes to my intuition.
Here is what she had to say:
"Wow. I am amazed and slightly unnerved at how close to home this reading was especially with no information given to the seller about the situation. I was careful be very general in asking my question and ask what life lesson the situation had to offer. I am very impressed by this intuitive reading".

So with that I thanked the Universe for the wonderful gifts I have been given in order to help other people. I will hold my head high as I continue on this journey.
♥ ♥ ♥


  1. The flooding of images, words, and sensations upon contact is what I often felt upon touching my clients as a tattooist. I would have to shield myself from them as it was so overwhelming on occasion. The clients, who were complete strangers to me, would be so surprised when I started chatting about things they were stewing on or that had happened in their life. Made my job interesting to say the least.
    Never knew there was a name for what I was experiencing - intuitive. Thank you for sharing this as it explains so much of what was happening to and around me.

  2. You're so very welcome Jana! It's very important for intuitives and empaths to sheild themselves from energies around them. You can do this easily and effectively but just envisioning yourself surround by white light. When I go out in public I walk around in a "bubble" of white light. It helps keep me from picking up too much negativity from my surrounding and from others.